Behind The Voice

About Bella

a blue-collar working girl who loves her country who just wants to make a difference, outside sales rep and the voice for those who cant be heard lives in Maple Grove MN

About Don

I’m in my kitchen. My name is Don. I’m 55 and have a 1-year-old. My favorite movie is three amigos and strange brew…a tie. A girl once told me I look like a cross between Bella Lugosi and Rick Springfield. People look at me, say my name, and conclude I’m Asian. My mother owned the largest strip club in Fairbanks for 30 years. I grew up driving strippers to stag parties in a limo. I once hosted a fundraiser for Ron Paul. Scotty Pippen had me kicked out of a bar because I called him a has-been. Mario Andretti wanted to do doughnuts in my cobra…but his wife yelled at him and said no. I once mooned an entire girl’s catholic school from the back of an El Camino. My ex-wife used to throw vacuum cleaners at me. Last year I skinny-dipped at a pool party. Nobody appreciated my effort. I stole my dad’s motorcycle at age 13 and ran the Canadian border. They caught me in Lethbridge.